The Gestalt Institute of Cleveland (GIC) was established in 1954 by some of the earliest students of Fritz Perls, Laura Perls, Isadore From, and Paul Goodman. In 1966, GIC began introducing training programs that pioneered the application of Gestalt theory to work with couples, families, groups, and organizations.

Today, GIC is the world's largest institute, and one of the finest, for the study, development, and application of Gestalt theory. Its professional and personal development programs draw participants from all over the world. GIC faculty and graduates innovatively apply Gestalt principles to psychotherapy as well as to business, health care, educational, governmental, community, and religious organizations.

Currently, GIC offers workshops and professional training programs and conferences in the areas of human, personal, professional, and organization development.

GIC also supports the Gestalt Press in association with Jossey-Bass/Simon & Schuster, The Analytic Press, and Earlbaum Associates. It has published significant work in the Gestalt approach to growth and change in individuals, families, and organizational systems. The GestaltPress is committed to the continual development of Gestalt theory and application, reflected in recent, forthcoming, and in-progress titles.