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Reflections on the Body in Film, Art, Poetry and Music: Structure and Contact

  • Gestalt Institute of Cleveland 1588 Hazel Drive Cleveland, OH, 44106 United States (map)

How do you experience yourself as you watch an actor move across the screen in a film, see a sculpture, hear the turn of a phrase in poetry, or listen to a piece of jazz? Often we see and hear parts of ourselves as we engage in these mediums.

In this workshop, we will utilize Gestalt awareness and several creative mediums to explore the parts of ourselves that deeply resonate with art, film, poetry, writing, and music.

We will reflect upon our own embodiment; what has been introjected as ideal, or how we 'should be', how we are attracted and repulsed by certain images, notes, phrases and forms, and experience and express our own sacred forms of embodiment as lively and authentic.

Participants are invited to bring forms of expression (instruments, art materials, writing).

This workshop not only increases the capacity of the intervener (clinician, coach, consultant) but can be applied to work in clinical and organizational settings.

Upon completion of this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Articulate their knowledge gleaned through experiment about their own embodiment
  • Design experiments for clients that will increase clients' awareness of how they are or are not embodied
  • Identify ways in which they have introjected an idealized form of embodiment
  • List images, notes, phrases and forms that repulse
  • Be able to articulate what it is that is repulsive about these forms
  • List images, notes, phrases and forms that attract
  • Be able to articulate what it is that is attractive about these forms
  • Describe how alternative forms offer opportunities for increasing capacity for expression
  • Express and articulate their forms of embodiment through a variety of mediums
  • Apply the processes explored in this workshop in the clinical or organizational setting with clients